Who We Are


The Upper Norwood Library Trust’s current list of trustees.

Laura Wright – Chair Trustee (appointed 10 03 2014)
Pam Gray –  Secretary Trustee (appointed 06 12 2012)
Jane Gregory – Treasurer Trustee (appointed 23 05 2013)
Emma Sharville MBE –   Trustee (appointed 06 12 2012)
Bryher Scudamore – Trustee (appointed 06 12 2012)
Marcus Lloyd-Davy – Trustee (appointed 10 03 2014)

A bit about us:

Laura Wright – Chair of the Trustees

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Since I moved to Gipsy Hill 13 years ago, I have used and loved the library, going to Waggle and Hum sessions when my children were little and using it for homework and pleasure since then. Like many locally I was dismayed at the thought that it might close – I believe that libraries should be at the heart of thriving and caring communities – and so I joined the Trust in order to find practical ways to keep it open for future generations. My background is in arts and business and I believe that we can be more entrepreneurial to benefit the library for the community.

Jane Gregory – Treasurer and Trustee

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I have been a local resident and user of the library for nearly 30 years.  My children loved going there when they were small and it helped foster a lifelong love of books.  I passionately believe a local library service should be available for everyone whatever their age and circumstances and that by developing a community hub based in the library building we can enhance the ways everyone in the community can access and benefit from both the library service and a range of other activities geared to the needs and interests of the local community that will improve and enrich the lives of all. 

As a Chartered Accountant with 15 years’ experience in charities I am well equipped and committed to carrying out my role as treasurer helping ensure the Trust is well governed financially and makes the most of its resources and the funding available.

 Pam Gray – Trustee

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I have been involved with saving the library for many years, and became a Trustee to continue that commitment, to support the existence & growth of the library as a community hub for the benefit of the diverse & lively local community. My background includes voluntary work in a museum development team & involvement in building preservation trusts. Without exaggeration, the Upper Norwood Library has been the best local library I have ever had : selfishly & stubbornly I want that to continue.

Emma Sharville MBE – former Chair and Trustee

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I am a local mum who helped to set up the Trust over two years ago. I have visited the library on a Saturday morning with my kids for many many years and Crystal Palace wouldn’t be Crystal Palace without the library. I have experience in fundraising and social enterprise and wanted to do something practical to help save the library. 

Marcus Lloyd-Davy – Trustee

Marcus Lloyd-Davy

I became a trustee in order to use the skills I have to help my local community. I have worked in building management (FM) for in excess of 7 years, and thought the skills I have on a operational level could assist in saving a beloved part of our diverse community.

Why the library?

A library to me is more than just a place to store books, it is a place where young and old, rich or poor can access information. When I was studying for my degree I used my local library to study and get reference information. If I was unable to access that safe environment I may not be where I am today. 

Bryher Scudamore – Trustee

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Like my fellow trustees I am passionate about saving Upper Norwood Joint Library.  Sixty years ago, at the age of 5, I joined the Children’s Library which in those days was upstairs, in the 1960s I was a Saturday girl re-stocking the shelves and, when I heard the library was under threat, I joined the Save the Library Campaign and then became a Trustee to help deliver the vision of a community hub with a professionally staffed neighbourhood library at the centre of the activities.

After 25 years at the BBC as a producer of consumer programmes and Editor-in-Chief of BBC Online,  I am used to helping people fight for their rights.  Since leaving the BBC I have set up my own business and can bring my business and creative skills to help keep our precious library open and thriving.

Robert Gibson – Co-Chairman Trustee (appointed 06 12 2012 – resigned 11 09 2015)

Community Forum

The Trust is also committed to establish a wider community forum that will meet at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure that the future development of the library as a community learning hub is genuinely informed by the needs and aspirations of local residents it serves.


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